Disaster Relief

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Disaster Relief

A big part of EFL's community initiatives have included disaster relief and providing aid to those recovering from major natural disasters.

In December 2018, over 45,000 people in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka were severely affected by heavy rains and flooding. EFL partnered with the Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management – Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Disaster Management to identify the needs of those communities and provide emergency flood relief. We distributed dry rations to 110 families in Kilinochchi.

In September 2019, after Hurricane Dorian left many parts of the Bahamas inhabitable, EFL partnered with Baer's Furniture to collect supplies and transport them to our warehouse, where containers were used to dispatch these supplies across the island. EFL also worked with NEMA and Tropical Shipping to ensure these supplies made it to those who needed them most.

In June 2021, after feeling the severe impact of COVID-19 and the X-Press Pearl incident, local fishing communities struggled both financially and in their livelihoods. To alleviate these hardships, the EFL Global team partnered with the National Fisheries Solidarity Organization (NAFSO) and Sri Vimukthi Fisher Women Organization to identify 70 families in Munnakari, a local fishing village, and delivered dry rations and supplies to help their families.

In addition to providing supplies and dry rations to families in Munnakari, the EFL Global team visited the Sri Lanka Coast Guard, who have been working collectively and tirelessly with the Forces to clean up the nurdles and chemicals of the X-Press Pearl fire, to deliver supplies and safety equipment. These items assisted with expediting the clean up and offering support to the Coast Guard and all other stakeholders involved in the process.

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