Customer Portal FAQ

Customer Portal FAQ

How do I get access to the Customer Portal?

  • If you are an existing Customer and would like access to the customer portal, please reach out to your Local EFL representative.

New Account Verification and Logging In/Out

  • Once your user account is issued, you will receive an email with the subject line "Please Confirm Your Email". This is a required step.
  • Please note, you have 48 hours to confirm your account before the link expires. If your account is not verified, please reach out to your Local EFL Representative to have another confirmation link sent. 

  • A second email with the subject line "welcome to!" also be sent with password. that log into account. 

    Please see video below on how to verify your account.



    Logging In/Out of Customer Portal


    • Enter the username and password provided via email.


    • If a password is not available, click ‘Forgot your password?’, enter the username and
    • click Submit. A new e-mail will be sent with a password reset option.
    • Click Login to access the portal.

    To Logout, click on the Logout buttons shown either at the bottom of the main menu or at the Top right corner of the platform.




How do I submit an eBooking?


• In the Bookings Module, select the Create Booking option.

• Enter the necessary details in the 05 sections that are required to complete a Booking.

The sections comprise of  - Booking Details
                                          - Notes
                                          - Packing Info
                                          - Containers (For Sea Freight, FCL shipments only)
                                          - Review

Booking Details

  • The sub sections that needs completed are further explained below,


  • The Organization can be selected and the Organization Type can be specified here.



  • Any Purchase Order number or Shipper References can be entered. 



  •  Details in this section will auto populate if the selected Client is specified as the Consignor. If not, the relevant Consignor will have to be selected from the list of Consignors available.



  •  Details in this section will auto populate if the selected Client is specified as the Consignee. If not, the relevant Consignee will have to be selected from the list of Consignees available.



  • All cargo related information can be entered here. All fields are required. 
  • Origin and Destination can be searched by city not UNLOCO. 



  •  Estimated Times can be entered here. 
    • The Cargo Ready Date is mandatory.


Linked Order Details

  • This section applies for Bookings created with a Purchase Order only. 
  • All the packline details of a Purchase Order will populate in this section.



  • A Note can be entered under the available Note Type.
    • This is not a Mandatory section.


Packing Info

  •  Any Packline information can be entered here.


  •  If the booking was Created with a PO, the existing Packline details will be available in this section.

Containers (For Sea Freight, FCL shipments only)

  • The container information can be entered here.



  • This page will allow visibility of all the details that were entered in the previous pages.   
  • Upon accepting the details on the Review page, the new booking will be immediately created and subsequently, be available in the Customer Portal. 

How do I link a PO to a eBooking?

If you are currently integrated with EFL and sending electronic PO files (850 EDI, Flat File, etc.) you are eligible to enable the eBooking by PO feature.


When creating a booking from existing Purchase Orders, check the box next to the Orders you’d like to create a booking for. Then click “Create Booking” .

You’ll receive a pop-up confirming you want to book the selected PO’s. Click “OK”.

You’ll receive another pop-up that ensure no conflicts are arising with the creation of this booking. Click “Create Booking” to continue.

There are 5 sections to fill out within the “Create a Booking” – each image below is numbered in order.
1. Client: Client name is auto-populated
2. References: Autofilled by Selected PO’s from previous screen.
3. Shipper: The shipper will auto-populate
4. Consignee: The consignee will auto-populate.
5. Details: Enter the shipments dims, details, incoterms, origin, destination, goods description, and more.
6. Dates: Selection of dates are available to enter. Please note Cargo Ready Date is required.


The “Order Reference” field will automatically populate with the Purchase Orders selected when creating this booking.



The fields in this section will automatically fill in based on your account information. This is read only and cannot be edited.



The fields in this section will automatically fill in based on the customer information.


None of the fields in this section are mandatory, except for the Cargo Ready Date.


Linked Order Details

Nothing to enter in here. This sections shows the linked order details.


Notes Section

The Notes Section is optional, but can be used to add special notes or export instructions. Click the “+” sign on the left to start adding note lines.